The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge is the UAE's first completely green ladies salon, from our organic cruelty-free natural products, to our eco-friendly interiors. We're committed to providing our customers with safe toxic-free treatments, friendly service & utmost relaxation at an affordable price.

More than just a salon, The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge strives to increase awareness amongst women about the dangers of using harsh chemicals & promote ethical and holistic beauty by offering a menu of toxic-free services which includes:

organic sugaring, natural hair treatments, ammonia-free colour, fruit facials, freshly-blended body scrubs, formaldehyde-free nail treatments and much more.

Looking and feeling great has never been kinder to both you and Mother Earth!

We are 100% cruelty-free

The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge was created by fusing my appreciation for the beauty industry with a commitment to taking better care of my health and protecting our environment. I believe that we can make ourselves beautiful and indulge in our shampoos, colours and polishes, while also doing our part for our planet. For example, by using energy-saving lighting, bio-degradable towels, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, recycling our waste, using toxic-free ingredients and being conscious consumers, are just a few of the ways we are committing to our green promise.

I established The Organic Glow as a result of my mission to promote ethical beauty in Dubai, the UAE and across the region. Being a passionate supporter of 'green' living and adopting a vegan lifestyle, I wasn't happy with the products and services used in most salons, which contain too many harsh chemicals of which are from unknown sources, ingredients and which are often tested on animals. My skin reacted badly to most of the products used on me and that's when I decided to use organic toxic-free products and create The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge!

My goal was to create a relaxing, hygienic eco haven for my clients, so they feel as if they are in their own living room, with pleasant aromas, soothing music, and not having to worry about the awful chemical smells. That's why at The Organic Glow, we don't offer any nail enhancement treatments, bleaching services, or hair colour that contains ammonia.

All my products are sourced from reliable brands, which don't use toxic chemicals, follow strict environmental policies, never test on animals and fully disclose their ingredients and organic certification. I've also taken a step further and created the 'Green Glow'- which are organic home-made products blended at our premises, using certified organic ingredients and which can be custom-made to cater to individual needs.

I welcome any comments you have that can further enhance our service and your experience at The Organic Glow. Please feel free to email me on

Thanks for your interest in my eco lounge and I look forward to seeing & hearing from you soon.

Eco Regards,
Leena Al Abbas
Founder & CEO