"Lovely salon, thank you!" - Susie Lunt

"I like the whole organic concept- especially now that I'm pregnant. I look forward to trying your other services." - Mirelle Ghannam

"Love the all-natural vibe & products" - Sara Al-Qaiwani

"Thank you, I will be back!" - Julia Mama

"Excellent experience- Thank you!" - Morna McDonald

"I look forward to visiting again. Pleasantly surprised by the prices and the location is convenient for me. I really liked the atmosphere created and the foot treatment room!" - Aisha Hanif

"A good start to the organic revolution in Dubai!" - Padma Gyan

"Amazing. Thank you. Best in Dubai!" - Rose Reekie

"Thank you for the nice treatments today. I enjoyed them very much!" - Aliyah Salih

"Amazing staff! Very warm & friendly & smiley." - Judith Gouveia

"Happy to find an organic salon in Dubai. Thank you" - Ieva B
"Great experience!" - Dima Maaytah

"Coming back soon!" - Saeeda Shirazi

"Great! Very cordial and friendly staff" - Vineetha Mathew

"Overall good experience. See you again soon!" - Amisha Amarnani

"Really enjoyed the experience" - Audrey Dunne

"I'm very satisfied with the service and staff that welcomed me today. Thanks!" - Dawn Liddell

"Will definitely recommend you to my family & friends." - Kayal Bhatia

"I can't believe I didn't come here earlier. I love this place!" - Maja Kozel

"Very enjoyable & relaxing" - Angie McCann

"Will definitely be back soon as I love the all natural products! Thank you." - Stephanie Kelly

"What a treat! I'll be back!" - Solara Au-Ra

"Great feeling to be in a chemical-free environment!" - Hetal Pawani
"Great to have an organic salon and not smell chemicals when you walk in! A thinking woman's salon!"- Hemalatha Ravi

"Thank you for such an amazing pampering experience!" -Malak Aoudi

"The ladies were so kind and capable. It was the break I really needed. Thank you so much!"- Danna Lorch

"As long as I am living in the UAE, I will be your client for life! Meseret was wonderful! I will be bringing my mum for a spa day here next month and my friend the following month!"- Deanne Pendleton

"I encourage you to contact Breast Friends group of cancer survivors and present your salon & products"- Linda Merieau

"Really nice treatment for hair at a very relaxing salon- calm atmosphere. I'll be back!"- Monica Kapila

"Great pedicure and great I could come so last moment!"- Kaya

"Great :)"-Christina Pope

"I'm really happy there is a place that uses products without all the toxic stuff. Thanks. I really enjoyed the environment too!" - Eliana Rodriguez
"Excellent! Provided a nice escape and my feet are now soft and smell of strawberry!"-Amy Carter

"My daughter loved the variety of nail polishes and she also loved her hair styling!"-Silvina Ruvinsky

"1st time, very impressed and will be back. Great products, service & overall experience. Thank you"- Angela Killeen

"Great concept and fantastic service- definitely coming here again. Thanks!"-Dipa Jaggi

"Great service!"-Mirium Thennel

"Will come back. Thanks!"- Sandra Schneider

"While in here, I felt relaxed and calm. I love this atmosphere!" -Katarzyna Pytka

"The sugaring wasn't painful at all- thanks!"- Karen Potts

"Fantastic salon and great concept- will definitely recommend. Please open another one on the Palm!!!"- Suzanne Robson

"My first time- loved the atmosphere. Thank you"- Shazia Merchant

"Excellent service. Loved the facial"-Mariam Aslam
"Keep up the good work!!!! Would love to be back!"- Shanaz Talib

"WONDERFUL!"-Annah Cuthbert

"I enjoyed it very much! My therapist was VERY good!"- Farah

"Staff were lovely"-Claudia Lessetter

"I like the "quiet"- I don't feel as rushed"- Colleen Qadadeh

"I would love to come again & again! Thank you" - Fatma Al Madani

"Thanks, lovely spa!"-Anamaria Szabo

"Very flexible, and very fun and great service!"- Feyaza Khan

"Great atmosphere, friendly people and very accomodating. Definitely coming back!"- Shruthi Rajendran

"Excellent service. Loved the facial"-Mariam Aslam

"Atmosphere is lovely, relaxing, very personalised service"-Kim Ravanbakhsh
"Fantastic ambience. Extremely calming and relaxing. The vibe is so welcoming. Energy is warm and inviting. The hair color was lovely- my hair feels very soft. WILL BE BACK!"-Rana Khoury

"I love the place and treatments! Not sure will tell anyone though, as I want to keep this place for myself. Keep up your hard work. Well done."- Delphine Dumur

"Very good pedicure. Very clean salon. Thank you!"- Colette Lethbridge

"It was a pleasure visiting the place and Fozia was really good at the massage."-Soumya Ramakrishnan

"Very relaxing massage" -Anne Monique

"Amazing 3 hours of relaxing! Thank you for a great service and a memorable experience!"- Nandie Jordaan

"Fabulous salon, especially for its organic products"- Maysoon Al Marzouqi

"One of the best massages I've had! My therapist knew exactly what I wanted. I feel completely relaxed"- Delaine Dcosta
"Pleasant atmosphere & cordial staff. Overall satisfying experience"-Heer Masand

"I liked the experience at your salon spa"- Eman Al Suwaidi

"The sugaring was a painless experience!"- Hannah Collis

"Very relaxing and nice to have pregnancy books to read. Lovely. Thank you"-Monica Budd

"Overall, a wonderful experience!"-Shabnam Ansari

"Great experience!"-Dana Nowacki

"It is a lovely, relaxing and friendly environment. I loved my therapist. Will come back. Thank you!" - Gabriele Desira

"Keep it up! Nice to find something organic & environmentally friendly in Dubai"-Ilham Sebti

"Very nice to finally find an organic salon that doesn't use harsh chemicals"-Julia Jones

"I enjoyed it very much. Peaceful and refreshing. I enjoy a relaxed atmosphere"-Verna Hasse "Lovely products- thank you!"-Irena Lelou

"Very neat & clean. Very friendly therapist"- Jasmine Malhotra
"Massage therapist was amazing!"-Nasreen

"Thank you very much, see you again soon!"- Ishrat Hakim

"Will be back with friends and family"- Nasrine Abushakra


"Very happy to find an organic salon in Dubai. Was a great experience and will come back again"- Nahid Burbidge

"Great Concept!" -Patricia Trodd

"Well done! See you next time"-Amna Al Marri

"Meseret was very friendly, professional and competent. She put me at ease right from the start (never waxed before). Very reassuring and kind. Will definitely come regularly"- Joanna Collis

"Overall great service, products & salon"- Mrs. Rupinder Walia

"Thank you very much!"-Zahra AlHajri

"Something different, feels like a little treat outside of Dubai"-Dilek Simsek
"Loved it!!!"-Daniela Spinks

"Had a wonderful time. Thanks!"-Sophia Kamar

"Great concept! Fantastic energy and deeply relaxing. Thank you for this experience! I'll be back soon"- Shawna Morneau

"Products feel very good. Therapist was great" - Yesmin Wazir

"Very lovely spa- really enjoyed every aspect of it. Thank you!" -Mary Sidhom

"The concept is excellent"-Sumi Shane

"Lovely treatment!"-Lucy Barron

"I am really impressed with the salon, I loved the ambience and great serenity of your staff- relaxed, happy and had great experience. I'll definitely come back again!"-Jocelyn Johnson

"Really relaxing"-Barbara Szygowski

"Great work! Keep it up! Thank you for giving me a relaxed experience"-Ghadeer Kunna

"Very nice environment and relaxing"- Nasreen Adamjee
"Thank you for the wonderful hair treatment!"- Haanim Noordien

"Perfectly wonderful" -Charlotte Croft

"Perfect & Relaxing- highly recommended" - Catherine Cadaoas

"Everything was amazing...will definitely come back again"-Fatma Mansoor

"Nice atmosphere, great therapist/service, staff very personable & nice!"-Payal Mirchandani

"Adorable therapists!"-Chrystel Blavet

"Lovely atmosphere and felt very comfortable, especially being so young. Thank you."- Kiera Wiseman

"Good service, would definitely like to try out the other treatments"-Rupali

"Helpful therapists- enjoyed the quiet atmosphere"- Zara Syed

"Good service. Liked the treatment!"-Puneet Malhotra

"Staff are very nice. Location is accessible. Will definitely recommend to my friends!" -Helena Bascon
"Will come back. Thanks!" -Carole Gouicer

"Staff are really good, I like them!"-Sofiya Mansurova

"Will be back!"-Kate McQuaid

"Wonderful relaxing massage. Therapist very professional- excellent masseuse!"-Sara Smith

"Glad I found the salon!"-Fawzia Alyafai

"Really lovely. I enjoyed the extra service- massage and face lotion, so good! Thank you!"- Angela Rodgers

"Great experience! Will definitely come back!"- Eleanore Bronne

"Great service! Thanks!"-Lillean Scollan

"Please start home service!"-Parisa Mohib

"This is the first time I've ever gotten my nails done professionally because of your comittment to good products! Thank you and keep up the amazing work!" Mary Couri

"Wish you all the best, it's truly an amazing place!" - Alia Al Sumaiti

"Love the concept! Finally an eco-friendly salon in Dubai! Keep up the great work."
-Renae Augustine
"It's lovely to find an organic & natural beauty lounge in Dubai. Great staff & location. Will definitely come back!"-Katy Jones

"Great atmosphere, smells nice! Will definitely be back for a hair treatment!"-Besma Belfadil

"Amazing!"-Shakira Haman

"Just so glad I came here! Will definitely be making The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge my beauty lounge of chice! See you very soon!"-Lynette Hatley

"Very good & relaxing"-Nikita Mehrotra

"Thank you very much. Amazing experience, well done!"-Aysel Farhad

"I will come back for a facial/body treatment as I want to experience a truly natural and organic treatment. The atmosphere is amazing: cosy, the staff are very friendly and reliable. It feels good to go to a unique place i.e not a chain!"-Mona El Atrache

"The salon has a calm, tranquil atmosphere. I like the use of organic and natural products. I look forward to my next appointment! Thanks!" Carla Smuts

"Nga is very good, gentle & good handwork!" - Hayley Ann Cillie

"It's nice to find this place. I'm into non-paraben cosmetics, etc."-Stela Cuesta

"Meseret is fabulous! Thank you!"-Eleonore Bronne

"Just fab! Thank you!"-Alison Henry

"It was very good & relaxing! I'll be back!"- Jessica McCullom

"Everything was great. Thank you!"-Graziella Bou Eid

"LOVED Everything! THe staff were so friendly! I would definitely come again! Best wishes"- Lina Amiri

"Fabulous to find organic, chemical-free products in Dubai. Love the salon and love the girls too. Delightful!"-Rebecca Beer

"Thank you, my face feels really good!"-Dessi Kassab

"Very peaceful, very relaxing. Very pleasant therapist. All in all an enjoyable experience." Penny Smith

"Meseret was very professional and did a good job!" - Jillian Ryan

"Excellent treatment!"-Elizabeth Wandolo
"BEST body sugaring ever! Hair colour is wonderful. Fozia and Meseret have wonderful personalities and made me feel at ease. I'll be back!"-Shiela Ross

"Really enjoyed the massage after threading!"- Nassim

"I'm happy that I found you, because I'm vegan!"- Corinna Roesner

"I am simply awed at the salon and service. Your staff were so kind to my mum and me. I appreciate it. Thank you!"-Mihirini K

"Lovely ladies, soothing music and relaxed ambience. Thanks for the experience."-Veena Mony

"So lovely! Am spreading the word already to friends! Thank you!"-Rebecca Thompson

"Please open other branches in Dubai, as I like it!"- Alia AbuElKhair

"Very thorough and professional." Patsy Horianos

"Amazing! Thank you!" -Polly

"Expand your salon to different areas of Dubai as today's women look for instant beauty without understanding the long-term consequences"
- Sarah George

"Lovely location. Nice decor and friendly staff. I am vegan and love anything green!"-Jay Jacobs

"I am very happy and will definitely come back! Nga is wonderful, her work is amazing- happy with her service!"-Angely Deang

"I really enjoyed my treatments. I feel very "zen"- Marie Gignoux

"Very pleased with the service and treatment. I look forward to trying the other treatments!"- Shirine Habash

"A fantastic experience and therapists who really took the time to offer the best thorough service. I will definitely come back and will recommend to friends!"- Annie Belz

"Many thanks for a great service and atmosphere"- Alya Kosenko

"Loved it! Shame I'm going back to the UK tomorrow. Thank you!" Sarah Deverill

"Thanks! Great job!" -Raisa Hamza

"I will return! Many thanks for a lovely service. Much attention to detail"-Gabrielle Al Saiegh
"I liked the treatments very much. They were soothing and relaxing, and I would definitely like to try the other treatments!"-Sajna Habeeb

"Wonderful place!!!"-Dalia Ferdows

"Excellent, will come again and recommend!"- Sarah Jones

"I will definitely return. Thank you Nga!"-Maria Amaral

"Love your stuff- keep it up"-Ghadeer Kunna

"My sister suggested we come here, as we particularly wanted to be using safer nail polishes. Also we were happy that you were able to accommodate my 6-year old daughter!" -Sylvia Atkins

"The therapist is friendly" -Maitha Al Suwaidi

"Well done!"-Alison Burrows

"Looking forward to having more services done in the future"-Lakshmi Udhay

"Excellent Therapist!"-Maysoon Zuaiter

"The service was wonderful. Felt at ease being pregnant with the organic products used"- Ramya Nambiar
"First visit and very much enjoyed it. Will definitely visit again"-Dana Carley

"Open another branch please ;)"-Melissa Zaidi

"This place is excellent. Would really appreciate it if you can expand and bring it to Abu Dhabi as well. Thank you!"- Rebbie Thomas

"This was my first visit to the salon and I'm surely coming back for more!"-Naila Ghoksi

"Enjoyed the facial"-Anjuli Murthy

"Great experience and results!-Umbreen Shaikh

"Will come back again!"-Ana Bunjevac

"Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, good products"- Christine Karachaliou

"Thank you! You are a star!"-Cristina Pascu

"Very nice!" Michaela Pennington

"Definitely will be back! Thank you" -Rachna Garodia "Thank you for such a beautiful energy exchange! I felt so at home. Peaceful, friendly yet professional. Love the staff, love the products. My first visit will certainly be followed by many more. Thank you for bringing this back into my life- as a sensitive person I haven't been able to do my nails in a salon, now I know where to go! Lots of love"-Daniela Walker

"Very good hair colour!"-Miriam Haenen

"Wonderful Facial. Thank you!"-Lacey Adams

"Lovely place, good service, great massage." Carla Duarte

"All is good. Thank you very much!" -Alina Semenovo

"Will come back"-Sharon Alvares

"I love the concept of this salon. Staff is friendly and patient too"-Moza Al Mehairi