A must have cream for every household and hand bag!!!
Human+Kind's Family Remedy Cream is a real problem solver suitable for the whole family.

It soothes and reduces the appearance of: eczema, psoriasis and acne prone skin. It works wonders on dry, cracked and sensitive skin, minor burns, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete's foot, insect bites & stings, brittle nails and sunburn.

It is made from 100% natural organic ingredients.

Available for purchase in 2 sizes.

Pure Organic Kendi Oil

Hailing all the way from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, rare Kendi Oil comes from the Kendi nut; a sustainable ingredient that isn't harvested, but collected from the ground once it's fallen from the tree. Kendi Oil is Certified Organic, as well as Fair-Trade Compliant and Eco-Certified. This ultra-smoothing powerful ingredient is found in Alterna's new Bamboo Smooth Collection, and packs high levels of essential fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6 & 9) and antioxidants (like Tocopherol) that repair and hydrate the hair as well as protect it from environmental damage. Kendi Oil outperforms its oil counterparts: third party clinical studies showed that 75% of consumers preferred Kendi Oil to the leading Argan Oil brand!



Human+Kind select Mother Nature's kindest ingredients and blend them with timeless beauty secrets from around the world. So you get all the beauty benefits with none of the 'nasties.'


With vibrant packaging and natural skincare wisdom which the brand is now famous for, Human+Kind is a treat every time and it will help you wear your skin with pride!

Human+Kind Anti-Ageing Creamread more

Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream is packed with highly concentrated active natural ingredients, selected for their rejuvenating and healing properties. Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream gets to work quickly to restore maximum hydration levels to the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. A fantastic all-rounder Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of age spots, softening and evening out skin tone.
As well as its healing and hydrating action Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream focuses on nourishing tired and lacklustre skin; jojoba seed oil, marshmallow extract, rosehip oil and shea butter are blended with an ingredient called acmella olercea, known as 'nature's Botox'. Originating from Peru and Brazil the organic acmella oleracea has been used as a medicinal plant in Madagascar and La Reunion for many years. As an ingredient it offers visible results, helping to reduce wrinkle depth, smoothing skin and making it look younger. For best results gently apply Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream to face, under eyes, neck and décolletage at least twice a day.

9 Active Ingredients:

Crammed full of healthy, natural nutrients H+K contains: Jojoba seed oil, organic achmella olercea extract, organic onopordum acanthium flower leaf extract, centella, chickweed, marshmallow extract, rosehip oil, Shea butter and Natural Vitamin E

Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oilread more

Supercharged body moisturiser for Stretch Marks and Scars (great for prgnant women)
Strike it rich with Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oil, a supercharged, multi-tasking body oil, specially formulated to hydrate, tone and rejuvenate dry or lacklustre body skin, making it instantly soft and luminous. This miracle worker is crammed full of intensely nourishing, but lightweight natural essential oils, minerals and vitamins which get to work providing softer, smoother and more supple.

Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oil is also a great all-over scar healer, as well as helping to even out skin tone. Added Vitamin E helps to firm the skin improving its appearance while also preventing stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and suppleness. The oil not only improves the appearance of existing stretch marks but the intensively nourishing essential oils also work at preventing new stretch marks.
Organic arnica provides additional healing and softening action, which makes this body oil a must-get for mums-to-be or dieters who can often experience a lack of skin firmness.

Its remarkably weightless formula gets absorbed rapidly so that it gets to work instantly to combat surface dehydration, while at the same time nourishing and locking in vital moisture, where it is needed most. The stimulating and antioxidant powers of Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oil invigorate the skin, eliminating toxins with each and every application as well as strengthening and toning the skin's connective tissue.

A daily care product, Human+Kind All-in-one Body Oil is the ultimate multi-purpose beauty oil created to treat arms, thighs, buttocks, tummies and décolletage. It has an instantly uplifting and energising fragrance that stimulates the senses and so is perfect for use as massage oil, or applying daily to freshly showered skin for a super healthy sexy sheen.
For best results gently apply Human+Kind All-In-One Body Oil daily after showering to experience its remarkable skin transforming powers.

All in One Day and Night Creamread more

Once again Human+Kind has revolutionised skincare, creating an exceptional non-stop, hydrating cream for day into night skin perfection. Ideal for time pressed women, looking for a pared-down approach to skincare, Human+Kind All in One Day and Night Cream works 24/7 providing unparalleled levels of hydration, rejuvenation and protection. Light and non-greasy, this cream quite literally quenches thirsty skin, locking in vital moisture and skin nutrients, delivering long lasting complexion protection. Using only nature's finest ingredients Human+Kind All in One Day and Night Cream has been formulated with a moisture-retaining blend of avocado oil, aloe vera, natural vitamin E and a slew of essential oils including centella, marshmallow, juniper berry and rosehip.

• Aloe Vera soothes, hydrates and nourishes

• Marshmallow - soothes and calms with active anti-inflammatory properties

• Rosehip Oil – a potent source of vitamin A, its regenerative action reduces wrinkles and signs of premature ageing

• Centella - heals and treats scars and blemishes

Human+Kind All in One Day and Night Cream also improves the appearance of damaged skin and also remedies minor skin ailments. Aloe Vera and natural vitamin E stimulate circulation, improving the skin's ability to protect against environmental pollutants.

For best results gently apply Human+Kind All in One Day and Night to face, under-eyes, neck and décolletage twice daily.

Family Remedy Creamread more

A MUST-HAVE cream for every household and hand bag!!!

Human+Kind's Family Remedy Cream is a real problem solver suitable for the whole family.

It soothes and reduces the appearance of: eczema, psoriasis and acne prone skin. It works wonders on dry, cracked and sensitive skin, minor burns, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete's foot, insect bites & stings, brittle nails and sunburn.

For all skin concerns With super-rejuvenation-powers, this All-in-one Family Remedy cream contains hypo-allergenic and natural ingredients that are known to soothe, restore, relieve and reduce the appearance of a multitude of skin irritations like:

• eczema/psoriasis prone skin • minor burns
• insect bites & stings
• acne prone skin
• stretch marks and scars
• cold and bed sores • athlete's foot
• brittle nails
• itching and razor burn
• sunburn
• hydrates dry, cracked and sensitive skin

15 Active Ingredients:

Only the highest quality and highest grade all-natural ingredients are used including:

Organic coconut oil, shea butter, centella, calendula, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, white lily, chickweed, birch extract, tea tree leaf oil, horsetail extract, marshmallow, olive leaf extract, broccoli extract and aloe vera.

Age Spot Removerread more

Age Spot Remover is an excellent moisturiser as well as reducing the appearance of age spots and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It contains extracts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa and Morus Alba which target age spots and help to even out skin tone.

Skin Lightening Creamread more

Skin Lightening Cream helps to lighten and brighten the skin and even out skin tone and is perfect for areas of hyperpigmentation. This Skin Lightening Cream is revolutionary and has an instant effect. The cream contains no harsh chemicals, only kind ingredients.

Elbow+Knee Creamread more

Human + Kind's Knee & Elbow Cream is intended for the use on areas of the body where there can be hyper pigmentation such as the knees and elbows. As these can be particularly dry areas of the body, this cream contains an abundance of ingredients with moisturising properties as well as helping to naturally lighten the area of hyperpigmentation.

BB Creamsread more

Human+Kind's BB cream provides any sensitive, combination or normal skin with the perfect blend of moisture and warm, sheer colour to help even out skin tone without acting like a foundation. The antioxidant benefits of the natural and organic ingredients, all help to reduce UV damage and aid in skin repair. The BB cream range comes in two tints: Light to medium and Medium to dark
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